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Cold, freeze-dried watercress* (Nasturnium officinale) grown in pure spring water. *Organically grown. TUV-Nord-Integra inspection [Belgian inspectorate for organic products].

Recommended Usage:

1–3 Vcaps per day, or as recommended, to be taken with a large glass of water.


Store in dry, dark conditions.

Watercress, one of nature’s most wholesome plants

The ancient Greeks already discovered the virtues of watercress and its beneficial effect on health. At Cressana® our aim is to make you rediscover the natural power of this plant.

Out of respect for this natural product and for your health we chose to use a 100% organic crop from the pure spring valley in the Zwalm region, as well as a unique, gentle freeze-drying technique.

CressanPure is a source of vitamin A, which helps boost the immune system

Vitamin A also contributes to healthy mucous membranes, a healthy skin and eyesight. And these are just some of the many health benefits watercress has to offer!

CressanPure is an excellent source of vitamin K, which helps maintain a strong, normal bone structure

Moreover, vitamin K also helps promote normal blood clotting. Just another example of what watercress can do for you.

CressanPure is a source of vitamin C, which helps reduce fatigue

Vitamin C also increases the absorption of iron and helps maintain a healthy energy-supplying metabolism. It also boosts our nervous system and immune system. And finally vitamin C also contributes to normal collagen synthesis to ensure that our blood vessels, bones, cartilage, skin, gums and teeth remain healthy. No wonder that watercress is so popular.

Cressana’s unique freeze-drying technique

At Cressana® we dry our fresh watercress in-house with only one objective in mind: to guarantee the best possible quality. In order to preserve the healthy nutrients in watercress as much as possible Cressana® developed a very gentle freeze-drying technique. During this process at low temperature the cold chain which guarantees the freshness and shelf life of the watercress is never interrupted. All the temperature-sensitive nutrients (PEITC, myrosinase, chlorophyll, vitamin C and vitamin A) are preserved. The green colour (due to the chlorophyll) of the Cressana® capsules is proof of this!

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